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3T Results Ltd is the leading Finnish specialist and software company in the field of occupational health and safety as well as occupational well-being. Our specialists have been involved in the development of the Finnish occupational health and safety for over 30 years. During that time, physical working conditions especially have improved markedly and deaths resulting from occupational accidents have reduced by 90 per cent. On that study, Finland is in the top three safest countries in Europe when compared by concordant measures. 2018 EcoOnline, a specialist in Chemical Documentation Management software and services, acquired 3T Results Ltd . With this acquisition, 3T Results and EcoOnline will be together able to provide customers services and software solutions covering chemical safety management, as well as occupational safety, health, quality and environmental management. 3T Results will continue as an separate company.

We at 3T know the ways of improving working conditions. We have developed tools specifically for that purpose and they are widely used in Finnish workplaces. Examples include even the internationally known TR Meter and Elmeri observation methods, which have been scientifically proven as competent means to measure occupational safety.

At 3T, we know the secrets of a successful development project as well as key success factors for projects within single or multiple companies or specific industries. Examples of these include the successful safety competitions in the technology, food and construction industries.

At 3T we also recognise existing challenges of the workplace. In addition to taking care of old, basic matters, many workplaces face challenges in improving the psychosocial working conditions. This requires a new kind of occupational health and safety culture. The 3T Culture Survey is an example of the tools and methods we have developed for managing even such a change.

Practical, tested services

3T combines profound, professor-level knowledge of occupational health and safety with modern information technology. As a result, our clients get practical, scientifically tested services such as

  • Assessment and development support for current state in occupational health and safety management
  • Effective, valid and easy-to-use methods for monitoring and risk assessment of working conditions
  • Europe’s widest selection of occupational health and safety e-learning materials for personnel training
  • HSEQ Online cloud service or the 3T Monitor information system for management and control of health, safety and security

Specialists, e-learning content and software for occupational health and safety. Founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Growing profitably with a continuously positive annual result. In 2016, turnover was 1,2 M€ with 13 members of staff and a solid co-operation network. Clients range from international corporations to small workshops and one-man consulting companies as well as organisations and the public sector on a wide scale.


3T Ratkaisut Oy AAA-luottoluokitus 2016

3T Results Ltd AAA Rating 2016

In 2015 only 3,5 % of companies reached the AAA credit rating. 

Unelma paremmasta työpäivästä

Our dream is a better workplace for everyone

You can help make it real at your own workplace, please contact us.


Values are the basis for all operations. At 3T, values are principles to which we all can commit together – even though we are all different. Our values have been agreed as follows:

1. We fulfil the needs and expectations of our clients

Our clients may utilize our content and technology know-how, as well as benefit from our experiences in a wide range of clientele when developing their operations. We are continuously innovating new products and services and we listen to our clients’ needs. We follow all contracts made with our clients.

2. We make a good work community

We follow agreed rules and take responsibility for our own work. We trust each other, encourage each other and behave politely. We gather together often. We take care of the safety of our work environment and methods. We pay attention to the fluency and meaningfulness of our duties.

3. We act responsibly in the society

We avoid unnecessary strain on the environment; we recycle, use equipment for distance meetings and do distant work. Our electronic solutions reduce paper consumption and travelling of our clients. We favour Finnish work and improve its competitiveness and quality. We are honest in, for example, project and company contribution matters and only work with honest partners. We pursue profitable operations and sustainable development.

3T:n arvot


Top experts in Finnish Occupational Health and Safety

3T Results Ltd has been helping companies in the productive management of occupational health and safety and working conditions in workplaces for over 15 years. Our specialists have developed several validated methods and carried out hundreds of client projects. In addition to digital solutions, we offer safety level investigations, manager coaching and support for safety campaigning and development schemes.

Our experienced specialists help you to, for example, find out current strengths and development targets, meet legislative requirements and find the way to a top-level safety culture. Additionally, due to our wide partner network we are able to carry out varied solutions for all your needs in a cost-efficient and fluent manner!

Marko Vuorinen
  • Marko Vuorinen, M.Sc. (Tech.)
  • Managing Director, CEO
  • +358 40 517 7675
  • marko.vuorinen@3tratkaisut.fi
Antti Simola
  • Antti Simola, PhD (Tech.)
  • Senior Specialist
  • +358 50 340 6123
  • antti.simola@3tratkaisut.fi
Pieter Jan Bots
  • Pieter Jan Bots, M.Sc. (Chem.Eng.)
  • EHSQ & PS specialist
  • +358 40 705 7300
  • pieterjan.bots@3tratkaisut.fi
Juha Kummu
  • Juha Kummu
  • Software Designer
  • +358 50 373 6467
  • juha.kummu@3tratkaisut.fi

  • Markus Toivanen
  • Software Designer
  • markus.toivanen@3tratkaisut.fi

Marita Hyttinen
  • Marita Hyttinen, PhD., LPsy
  • Senior Specialist
  • +358 50 401 0653
  • marita.hyttinen@3tratkaisut.fi
Kari Helenius
  • Kari Helenius
  • Business Director, VP
  • +358 40 900 9991
  • kari.helenius@3tratkaisut.fi
  • Janica Meriläinen
  • Management Assistant, HSO
  • +358 50 408 8581
  • janica.merilainen@3tratkaisut.fi
Dale Herva
  • Dale Herva
  • Software Designer
  • +358 45 316 7374
  • dale.herva@3tratkaisut.fi
Yrjö Hirvonen
  • Yrjö Hirvonen
  • Software Designer, Entrepreneur (Mac Point)
  • yrjo.hirvonen@3tratkaisut.fi
Heikki Laitinen
  • Heikki Laitinen, Adjunct Professor, D.Sc. (Tech.)
  • Senior Adviser
  • heikki.laitinen@3tratkaisut.fi
Janne Pasanen
  • Janne Pasanen, M.Sc. (Tech.)
  • Production Manager
  • +358 50 329 0701
  • janne.pasanen@3tratkaisut.fi
Jarmo Torvinen
  • Jarmo Torvinen
  • Software Designer, Information Security Manager
  • +358 50 341 2248
  • jarmo.torvinen@3tratkaisut.fi

  • Katri Kuusisto, M.A.
  • Graphic Designer
  • katri.kuusisto@3tratkaisut.fi

  • Niko Vierikko
  • Software Designer
  • niko.vierikko@3tratkaisut.fi

Executive management team

Master of Science (Technology) Marko Vuorinen is a founder partner of 3T and its CEO. He has over 20 years of experience in occupational health and safety duties, for example as researcher at the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health, university lecturer, consultant and entrepreneur. His specialties include safety in logistics, safety management and online learning methods. Due to the pioneering work of Mr. Vuorinen, the 3T offers Europe’s widest selection of digital learning material in the field, both in Finnish and in many other languages. He is the one of the authors of “Management of Occupational Safety and Health” (“Työturvallisuuden ja –terveyden johtaminen” Tietosanomat 2009, 494s., updated edition 2013) which is a principal work for any supervisor or specialist in the field.

Doctor of Philosophy, psychologist Marita Hyttinen is a leading expert in 3T Results. Hyttinen has over 20 years of experience in researching, developing, training and coaching work safety and well-being. She has worked in the professional duties of the accident and occupational pension insurance industry and at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Hyttinen is well aware of the challenges and modern procedures of Finnish working life, risk management and management. She is one of the few Finnish experts who are familiar with the behavioral safety applications. Hyttinen prepares leadership, supervisors and staff and works as a trainer in postgraduate occupational health and occupational health care (eg Master of Safety and Qualification Training for Occupational Safety and Health Managers and Experts). She has extensive written production of both scientific and generalist performances.

Kari Helenius is the Business Director at 3T. He has more than 30 years of experience in IT sales in both national and international medium to large companies. His strengths include finding new and innovative IT solutions for the needs of different organisations. He can make IT serve people - in a way that is as effortless as possible for the user.

Janne Pasanen, M.Sc (Eng.) in safety management, acts as the production manager for 3T. Pasanen has both excellent content expertise and understanding of technology as well as client needs. Pasanen has been working at 3T since the beginning of his career and is committed to develop 3T as the strongest in the market. Pasanen’s main responsibilities have been among e-learning and cloud-based OHS information systems. He is also a scrum master of HSEQ Online development team.