HSEQ Information Management Systems

Knowledge based management – Activate Personnel – Verify and Report

Managing occupational health and safety, ability to work, environmental and quality matters without knowledge or the right tools is time consuming and ineffective. With the 3T – nowadays EcoOnline Oy – online services and information systems the requirements of management standards (e.g. ISO, OHSAS) and legislation are met whilst developing a good company climate. Depending on the situation, you may select our ready-made cloud service HSEQ Online or the 3T Monitor which is tailor-made for each company.

Our strength is in the methods and tools implemented in our solutions, resulting from research and long term co-operation with clients and officials. Additionally, we provide clients using our electronic tools also with consultancy services: we conduct risk assessment workshops, conduct accident investigation workshops, provide guidance in activating people reporting close call situations and help utilize all observation tools in a productive manner. This way you will get the most out of your investment!


HSEQ Information Management Systems

”All matters concerning occupational safety are now kept in the same place. The best thing is that deviation reports and risk assessments produce “to do -lists” for responsible people.”

Jyri Pikkarainen, Logistics Manager, Paletti Ltd

HSEQ Online

Occupational Health and Safety + Ability to work + Environment + Quality = All in One!

HSEQ Online is a modern cloud service for easy and effective management of occupational health, safety and well-being as well as environmental and quality matters. HSEQ Online is the only service where tools for managing, training, communication and legislation monitoring are combined. The service is the memory of the organisation and a development tool for achieving good company culture. Automated workflows ensure that data collection, analyses and corrective measures work together seamlessly and productively.

Available modules include

Safety incident module in HSEQ OnlineQuality devination module in HSEQ OnlineEnvironmental incident module in HSEQ OnlineProposal module in HSEQ OnlineInjury module in HSEQ OnlineLearning module in HSEQ OnlineRisk assessment module in HSEQ OnlineObservations and audits module in HSEQ Online Corrective action module in HSEQ OnlineDocument module in HSEQ Online

”With the 3T digital solutions we have taken the management of work safety to a new level. For example, the processes for risk assessment and corrective actions are now put together logically.”

Laura Eskola, HR Manager, Chromaflo Technologies Finland Group Ltd


  • A ready-made solution developed by top 3T’s – nowadays EcoOnline's – HSEQ specialists in co-operation with the best companies
  • Responsive, can be used on different mobile devices without need to download an application
  • Truly easy-to-use, directed workflows and clear forms
  • Built in expertise ensures that legal requirements are met
  • Meets the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards
  • Tool for the whole personnel produces participation and strengthens safety awareness
  • Integrated with the Linnumaa Lex HSEQ laws service (Incl. only Finnish legislation)
  • Modular solution, expandable according to needs
  • Continuously developing content and functions with a clear roadmap promise
  • Integrated with the MS Office365 user administration (Azure AD), which enables e.g. accessing the system without having to log in separately
  • The producer, EcoOnline, is a financially sound (AAA) pioneering company in the field and has been in the market for 15 years

HSEQ Online can be configurated and launched in your company in a couple of weeks. Deployment and activation is supported with training and specialist consultation. When requested, all content of EcoOnline digital learning materials library can be included in the service. Ready-to-go service may be utilized for the duration of a separate development scheme. Choosing the HSEQ Online is risk free as the company is only committed to the service for a year at a time


HSEQ Onlin: Work safety on any device


  • Identification and assessment of hazards (Work risk assessment)
  • Safety observations (Near miss, Hazard, Positive observation)
  • Quality and environmental deviations
  • Inspections and observations (Elmeri+, Elmeri Industry and other versions, TR Observation Method, MVR Meter)
  • Finnish Legislation in co-operation with Linnunmaa Lex (Current decrees, news, court cases, e-learning materials)
  • Training - over 100 ready-made e-learning materials, online course management tools)
  • Improvement suggestions and initiatives
  • Document management
  • Remedial measures
  • Reports (summaries, diagrams, Excel printing)
  • Safety News site Turvallisuusuutiset.fi
  • Role based user administration, Single-Sign-On (MS Office365 users)


  • Early Intervention in case of sick leave
  • Employee competence register
  • Occupational safety and health operational plan
  • Emergency response plan
  • HSEQ notice board
  • Occupational Safety, Health and Well-being toolbox talk
  • Safety walk



The costs of HSEQ Online are completely transparent. A clear monthly fee includes everything: licence for the whole personnel, continuous product development, information security and back up files, server costs and main user support. The monthly fee is based on the chosen content and number of personnel. For example, the fee for a company of 100 staff members is between 300 and 600 €/month. Invite us to your workplace to discuss and present our service and we will provide a quote tailored just for you!

3T Monitor

3T Monitor is a safety and risk management information system that can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your company.

The larger the company or public organisation, the more it is required to adapt the information system to the processes and methods of the client. Templates and forms of risk management and safety administration that have been in use for a long time are retained. These may include enterprise resource plans, insurance company data connection, HR systems and different external reporting tools. 3T Monitor is the market leader in occupational health and safety, ability and company safety management information systems in Finland. We have provided leading Finnish organisations with 3T Monitor since 2004:

  • Empower Ltd
  • Finnair Ltd
  • The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa HUS
  • Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Ltd
  • Paroc Ltd
  • Posti Group Ltd
  • The Finnish Border Guard
  • Saarioinen Ltd
  • Saint-Gobain Rakennustuotteet Ltd
  • City of Tampere
  • Tikkurila Ltd
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration in Finland  (STM)
  • Valmet Automotive Ltd
  • Valmet Ltd
  • VR Group Ltd

Tailor-made Solutions

The stable 3T Monitor platform, ready-made borderlines between e.g. insurance companies and identity management (AD) as well as workflow forms created by 3T clients and HSEQ specialists provide a solid base for new solutions - yet preserving the opportunity to fulfil specific wishes of the client. For example, language versions have been made for about 20 different languages. There are a number of implemented modules meeting the specific needs of the client, for example:

  • Accident reporting, investigation and forwarding to the insurance company
  • Reporting and investigation of hazardous situations,quality deviations and other deviations
  • Job risk assessment and other company safety and business risk assessment
  • Improvement ideas and initiatives
  • Implementation and follow up of corrective measures
  • Inspections and audits
  • Management of Change
  • Management of the Early Intervention in case of Sick Leave (VaTu) process
  • Toolbox talks and safety walks
  • Licence and qualifications management

In addition to the traditional display of a computer, we have produced client-specific applications for mobile devices. When required, training, specialist support and high-quality digital learning materials are provided for initiating and activation.

”We have implemented the new version of 3T Monitor, which has meant that the utilization of the system has become even better. New reporting opportunities give the right kind of support for safety management.”

Eero Korpio, Operations Director, Saint-Gobain Rakennustuotteet Ltd, ISOVER