Online training

A flexible solution for developing know-how and awareness
The core of the EcoOnline e-learning is the digital learning materials for occupational health and safety and well-being at work. Our selection with almost a hundred topics is the broadest in Europe. We also provide client-specific content and language versions. There is a broad selection of topics including occupational hazards and strain factors, legislation, occupational well-being, workability and vitality, safety culture, lifestyle, safety procedures and management. Top experts in the field have designed the content. In addition to self-study (online courses), the digital learning materials are used as material for the trainers in lectures. Blended learning, where face-to-face training, self-paced study and practical exercises are combined as per requirement has proven very efficient for learning.
“Digital learning materials bring a nice change to the work safety training sessions. Their concise presentation helps to quickly grasp the big picture. I thoroughly recommend including e-learning materials in the workplace OHS training!”

Paavo HirvikoskiSafety Manager, ABB Finland

Why train online?

The employer is required by law to acquaint the employee with the hazards, strain factors and safe working methods . E-learning is an effective way to ensure these requirements are met. Amongst other topics, our clients have used our E-learning materials for the following needs regarding occupational safety and well-being:

New employee orientation

  • Training of supervisors, line managers and top management
  • OHS Tool Box Talks
  • Training for methods and procedures, e.g. risk assessment and accident investigations
  • Safety campaigns e.g. activating the hazard reporting system and reducing smoking
  • Themed training sessions e.g. inappropriate behaviour and slipping prevention
  • Compliance training, Occupational Card and other qualification training as a supplement to the official material
  • Contractor and subcontractor training
  • Client training sessions
  • Department and monthly meetings, work safety theme days and other events



    • Same, objective message for everyone
    • Whole personnel within reach quickly
    • Open 24/7, adjustable to work rhythm
    • Studying at your own pace, revision
    • Safe training through trial and error, simulations
    • Easier to deal with difficult topics, e.g. alcohol

  • Demonstrating effects on health
  • Verifiable and systematic training schemes
  • Knowledge anf learning test and tracking, diplomas and automatic feedback
  • Less travel and trainer expenses
  • Multiplying expertise
  • Pedagogically effective and inspiring when carried out appropriately!

e-Learning Materials

High-quality training materials effortlessly
3T Results – nowadays EcoOnline Oy – are pioneers in the field of Finnish e-learning. We have produced digital learning content ie. online courses, learning materials and bulletins for 15 years. The most important things are content and pedagogy: always offering audience targeted content that adheres to current legislation and best knowledge in a form that is easy to adopt.

3T – nowadays EcoOnline –has its own production team for the e-learning materials.  This ensures that our selection is always up to date on e.g. legislation. Our library for digital learning materials already includes over a hundred topics in various languages. In addition, we provide client-specific solutions. These include both the client’s own content as well as 3T’s ready-made material. This quickens the process, reduces the cost and makes it easier for the client. Sometimes it is enough that the layout and some of the images are changed. Our e-learning materials are rich both visually and content wise. They function pedagogically, support different learning strategies and are pleasant to use:

  • A professional narrator explains the content in the broadest way and creates a professional atmosphere
  • The concise text helps to see the big picture
  • Ample images synchronised with the previous – photos, drawings, diagrams – leaves a strong memory trace
  • Animations and videos demonstrate and make things concrete
  • Links for additional information provide more detailed information for those who are interested
  • Knowledge tests help to revise, give feedback and track learning


Our digital learning materials library includes topics from the following themes:

  • Safety Culture and Management
  • Legislation
  • Hazards
  • Psychosocial Factors and Occupational Well-being
  • Musculoskeletal strain
  • Chemical and Biological Exposure Agents
  • First Aid and Rescue Readiness
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Find out more about our selection and demos here.

”With the help of the 3T digital material we can provide high-quality and up-to-date training on occupational health, safety and well-being. The contents are suitable for both self-studying and classroom teaching.”

Anne Suoniemi, Data Administration Manager, Tredu


Office Work Ergonomics

Office Work Ergonomics

Scaffold Safety

Scaffold Safety

First Aid! Have the Courage to Help

First Aid! Have the Courage to Help


  • ATA Gears: e-learning materials tailored to support the Tool Box Talks
  • ViskoTeepak: occupational safety initiation for outside contractors
  • Dynea: Online OHS training and protocol for tank truck drivers
  • Finnish Ski Area Association: work and slope safety
  • Bauhaus: Online initiation for personnel work safety and ergonomy
  • Keslog: TOP orientation portal for new warehouse workers
  • Sokos hotels: proactive fire safety and evacuation

We also offer hosting and update services for tailor-made solutions.



Pricing and Deployment

Three ways - always cost-efficient
The EcoOnline digital learning materials are available in many ways and for many purposes. Each topic functions as an independent study module as well as part of a bigger online course. Similarly, almost all topics may be used for both self-study and as material for traditional classroom teaching. We provide several options for utilizing e-learning materials:


  • All ready-made digital learning materials available, over 90 topics
  • For license holder: self-studying or lecture-style training
  • Includes abstracts from adjudications (occupational safety crimes and breaches)
  • Service available with personal login information immediately after ordering
  • Standing order in 6 to 12 month periods, price 78 €/month, 25 % discount for institutions. A quote is given when ordering several licenses.


  • Includes the whole selection of EcoOnline digital learning materials
  • Unlimited access for the whole personnel for self-study, meetings, occupational health and safety events, supervisor training sessions etc.
  • In addition to the e-learning materials, HSEQ includes administration tools for composing, tracking and reporting online courses
  • The service can be deployed within a few days
  • Price according to number of personnel at the organisation. For example: 100 staff members= 3 €/person/month = 300 €/month


  • Includes desired selection of ready-made e-learning materials with test questions as well as client’s own material when requested
  • Ready-made content also available for tailoring (layout, illustration and content when required)
  • Available through the client’s intranet, extranet or third party Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Project duration and roles agreed case by case. Hosting and maintenance services are also available.
  • Prices as per quote. Example: company with 200 staff members, 5 ready-made e-learning topics chosen, layout according to client’s graphic instructions: single payment 850 €, annual payment 2 375 €

All prices are excluding VAT.

100% of Trainer Licence users have recommended or would recommend the service.

Source: Trainer License Questionnaire

HSEQ e-learning module

Training module, HSEQ Online

Online Course Management

With 3T e-learning solutions you create an online course in a matter of minutes!

Creating an online course is laborious and expensive – except if you are able to use the ready-made 3T e-learning materials and tools with which you put together a high-quality online course. In principle, any online learning management system (LMS) such as Optima, Moodle, Gimlet or Totara is a suitable management tool. If you do not have a LMS or you would like to centralise occupational safety and welfare training in the same service with the comprehensive HSEQ Online, an easy solution is the 3T e-learning. Our service allows the administration of independent studying as well as forming and controlling online courses for persons in charge such as supervisors, HR specialists and occupational health organisations. Study accomplishments can be reviewed and reported whilst ensuring that legislative requirements are met. In addition to self-study, an online course can be a part of blended learning.


  • Regular training increases employees commitment to work safety and wellbeing
  • Flexibility: studying can be done anywhere, anytime – all you need is a computer and internet connection
  • Low training cost
  • Learning can be tested and tracked
  • Accomplishments can be verified in work safety inspections and audits


An online course at the HSEQ Online Learning module or in another learning management system is suitable for example:

  • Continuous improvement and update of safety awareness for all personnel
  • Orientation of new employees
  • Broadening and upkeep of the expertise of occupational safety specialist (occupational safety organisation, HR)
  • Training for supervisors and management
  • Introducing subcontractors and visitors to occupational safety and methods


At the HSEQ Online Learning module , training in occupational safety and health becomes planned and administrated. With the easy-to-use interface, creating a course for one person, a selected group in the organisation or the whole personnel happens quickly. The qualities of the HSEQ Online Learning module include:

  • Availability of all 3T ready-made digital learning materials, over 100 topics
  • Opportunity to add in company-specific content
  • People without an email address or from outside the company are included via registration link
  • Automatic test composition for content chosen for the course by pressing a button
  • In addition to database of learning performance, you may print a stylish certificate of accomplishments
  • Trainer may follow progression on the course on a person, group, or course-specific level
  • Chance to request participants for comments on topics or even ideas on improving said matter in the organisation
  • Nearing the deadline of the online course, an automatic reminder is sent for participants who have yet to finish the course
  • Integrated with the HSEQ Online cloud service as part of comprehensive occupational safety and well-being management
  • MS Office365 integration makes user administration automatic and enables, for example, single sign-on (SSO)

“Group assignments on contact days were considered excellent and successful. The 3T online courses received positive feedback as well. Studying was not tied to a specific time or place, but was done whenever it suited you best.”

Occupational Safety Manager Jari Pelkonen from Haahtela Rakennuttaminen Ltd, on the 3T’s blended learning course for supervisors.